Youth Information, Counselling, Guidance and Training

offered by Finland-Swedish Information and Cultural centre Luckan

Having access to information, counselling and guidance in your mother tongue is of great importance, and in Finland, for the Swedish speaking population, this is guaranteed by law. Our aim is to see to that this also works in practice.

Ungdomsakademin (The Youth Academy) of Luckan focuses on providing young people with information and the possibility for counselling and guidance, both by producing own services and informing about services provided by other structures through our channels.

We offer services both on a local, regional and national level in Luckan centers in Porvoo (Borgå), Helsinki (Helsingfors), Kirkkonummi (Kyrkslätt) and Turku (Åbo) in Luckan centers.

Face-to-face guidance is provided locally in the towns mentioned above and on the web – a chat and a question-answer service available for young people in the whole country.

In addition to information and counselling services we arrange school visits, workshops and informational meetings to young people in the age of 13-29 years. Focus is on norm criticism and subjects like economy, wellbeing, studies and digital competence.

Activities are also arranged for professionals working with young people in different sectors of the society. Since Spring 2018 we have a person working in Vaasa/Vasa, planning and organising training sessions for professionals throughout the country.

Luckan in cooperation with Folkhälsans Förbund (a national social and health care organisation) received the national status in youth information and counselling and web based youth work in Swedish. We also work closely together with Koordinaatti, the national centre of competence in Finnish.

The services we offer could not have been carried out without and continuous and good cooperation with a big amount of professionals from different organisations and authorities.

The activities of Luckan are funded by both public and private funding.

Our newsletter (in Swedish) informs in addition to our own events and services, also about events and services arranged by other structures.

A short, short history: Luckan was started up in Helsinki in 1992 to offer information to the Swedish speaking population living in the  Metropolitan area. Services especially for youth were started up in 2000 (youth exchanges and international voluntary exchange). In 2014 Luckan started up a local youth information service in Helsinki (UngInfo), which soon also spread to other regions. The name was changes to Ungdomsakademin in 2017, when UngInfo merged with De Ungas Akademi, a structure with activities more focused on the educational activities and participation.